Create team cohesion remotely

Bird Office is offering you virtual events with high added value, creating remote links. Depending on your goals (make my team connect, reward them, train them, etc.), we help you to define and give a theme to your digital events.

Types of virtual events

Quiz (1)

Quiz and Challenge

- Blind test
- Taylor-made quizzes for your company

Aventure (3)


- Escape Game in teams
- Murder Party
- Virtual Clue

DIY (4)

Creative activities

- Cooking workshop with a chef
- Design of a climate fresco
- Conception of a perfume with a Nose

Sport (3)

Sport and Wellness

- Yoga Classes
- Fitness Classes
- Individual or group coaching

Culture (3)


- Guided museum tours
- Live show
- Theater play

Degustation (3)

Guided tasting

- Tasting of several wines with a sommelier
- Cheese tasting with a Master Cheesemaker

Unboxing (4)

Box and Gift

- Sending of an Aperitif Box of local products (cider, beer, wine) 
- Sending a thematic gift

Webconf (3)

Web conferencing

- Virtual TV tray
- Live broadcasting of your event
- Hybrid Event
Web conferencing

Benefits for your teams

We define together the most appropriate types of events according to your objectives. A few examples of objectives and benefits below:


Maintain team cohesion for your remote workers

Bird Office organizes high added value virtual events, enabling you to keep your remote team connected. Depending on your goal (Team-building, rewarding your workers or trainning them), we help you create a taylor-made digital experience for your team to connect.


Reward the teams

To offer convivial moments, oxygen bubbles that allow to challenge and rhythm the work.

  Connaissance (1)

Acquire knowledge

Inspire, train and make your employees evolve by giving them access to enriching conferences, enabling them to acquire new skills and knowledge about their market.

Advantages of a virtual event

When properly planned and executed, an online event brings as much value to your attendees and your business as a physical event.

Other benefits can be added:

  Icon - Cohésion (1)

Participant Safety

Compliance with health safety measures.


Wider audience

It becomes easier to meet remotely and across the world with no location issues.


CSR and sustainable development

Carbon footprint is reduced, there is no food waste or any garbage.


Operating costs

Operating costs are reduced.

Bird Office always makes the organization of your events easier.


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